“On Many Sides”

Alt-Right protestors spar with Antifa in Charlottesville, Virginia. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty via Breitbart.com)

On Saturday, following the “Unite the Right” rally and attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, President Trump condemned the “egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence, on many sides.” He was exactly right. I personally think that the President could state even more clearly how evil the racist Alt-Right is, but he is undoubtedly correct that the Alt-Right is not the only group engaged in “hatred, bigotry, and violence.”

To begin, let’s make it clear that the Alt-Right is a terrible movement built on racism. The movement is not “Right” in any sense of the word: it is neither conservative nor correct. They believe in using the government to protect whites from other races, and many members of the Alt-Right are truly Nazis—National Socialists. Although the Alt-Right considers itself Protestant in general, its deep-rooted racism and anti-Semitism are directly contrary to every portion of Scripture (Old and New Testaments).

Another necessary point to be made is the size of the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right is not a large group, but the media portrays it as a large bloc of citizens and voters. The Democrats and the media like to call every conservative and Republican a racist member of the Alt-Right (including Ben Shapiro, a Jew). Alt-Righters (and racists in general) make up only a very small (extremely small) portion of Republican voters, but the media continues to label every conservative as “Alt-Right.” However, those who truly are Alt-Right are evil racists who must be refuted.

On the other hand, Antifa, the leftist protest (riot) group, is equally evil. Along with the media and the Democrat establishment, Antifa has repeatedly called out upstanding conservatives as racists, regardless of the truth. The “progressive” group fights (literally) for socialism and big government, rioting against speakers or events they dislike. Yes, the “Unite the Right” rally was racist and wrong, but Antifa was not necessarily right in its attitude or approach to the rally. Both groups (Alt-Right and Antifa) attacked each other in violent skirmishes. Violence is not the answer to hate speech; better speech is the answer.

The problem is that Antifa does not have better speech than the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right is built on racism and hate; Antifa relies on hatred for conservatism, capitalism, and opposing viewpoints (even the viewpoints of non-racists). The Alt-Right endorses values held by Hitler and the KKK; Antifa espouses the ideals of murderous dictators such as Stalin and Castro. The Alt-Right makes Pepe the Frog memes; Antifa wears Che Guevara shirts. It’s hard to praise Antifa for opposing hatred and fascism when they believe in a radical ideology founded on hatred and totalitarianism.

Yes, the Alt-Right and all its members are despicably evil. Their beliefs are un-American and should be despised. However, Antifa and its members are just as despicably evil. Communism is an immoral and failed system, and America has worked to defeat it in other nations. Nazism is evil, Communism is evil, and I oppose both and support neither. And if it comes down to a choice between Nazis and Commies, America has already lost.

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