Schuitmaker Announces Run for A.G.

Tonya Schuitmaker announces her campaign for Attorney General in a video (Facebook Screenshot).

On Tuesday, Michigan state Senator Tonya Schuitmaker announced that she will run for attorney general. Attorney General Bill Schuette is term-limited and is running for governor.

“As a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, law-and-order conservative who achieves results on life touching issues, I am running for Attorney General to protect what is important,” Schuitmaker, a Republican, stated on her website.

The website also highlighted her work with the three major gubernatorial candidates. “Whether working with Senator Colbeck to support Kate’s Law and cracking down on sanctuary cities, or with Attorney General Schuette to secure justice for crime victims, or with Lt. Gov. Calley to combat the drug addiction epidemic, my focus is on protecting what is important for Michigan families.” Calley has not announced a gubernatorial campaign as of yet, but is likely to do so.

Tonya Schuitmaker currently serves as the state senator from the 26th District. She is also the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, presiding when the Lieutenant Governor is absent. She is term-limited and cannot seek reelection to the senate.

Senator Schuitmaker is the first Republican candidate for attorney general, although House Speaker Tom Leonard is also expected to run. Patrick Miles and Dana Nessel are declared Democratic candidates for the position. Unlike the gubernatorial election there is no statewide primary for attorney general. Delegates to the state party conventions will vote on the candidates in August of 2018.

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