Mackinac Straw Poll Results

During the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference this weekend, MIRS News and Crain’s Detroit Business took a straw poll of the attendees. The poll included questions about candidate preferences (including undeclared candidates) and various ballot proposals. They released the results on Saturday evening, based on almost 700 responses.


The Republican nominee for Governor will be determined by the statewide primary on August 7, 2018.

56.09%|Bill Schuette
23.35%|Brian Calley
18.36%|Patrick Colbeck
2.2%|Jim Hines

U.S. Senator

The Republican nominee for U.S. Senate will also be determined by the August 7 primary.

35.83%|Robert Young
26.99%|John James
25.04%|Fred Upton
10.79%|Kid Rock
1.2%|Sandy Pensler
0.15%|Bob Carr

Attorney General

The Republican nominee for Attorney General is chosen by the delegates to the August, 2018 state convention.

63.5%|Tom Leonard
36.5%|Tonya Schuitmaker

Secretary of State

The Republican nominee for Secretary of State is also chosen at the state convention.

48.08%|Stan Grot
21.31%|Mary Treder Lang
14.10%|Judy Emmons
10.74%|Joseph Guzman
5.77%|Mike Senyko

Lieutenant Governor

The nominee for Lieutenant Governor is chosen by the Gubernatorial nominee and confirmed by the state convention delegates. (NOTE: The paper ballots did not include Ronna Romney McDaniel, unlike the electronic ballots.)

22.73%|Tonya Schuitmaker
20.43%|Laura Cox
12.19%|Margaret O’Brien
10.38%|Ronna Romney McDaniel
9.56%|Lena Epstein
9.39%|Dave Hildenbrand
8.9%|Jase Bolger
6.43%|John James

Clean Michigan Government Part Time Legislature


Legalizing marijuana for recreational use


Repealing Prevailing Wage


Voters Not Politicians redistricting reform


Paid Sick Leave Requirement


Shutting down Enbridge Line 5 under the Straits


$12 minimum wage by 2022


The ballot proposals will receive a statewide vote on November 6, 2018, provided the organizers collect enough signatures. All voters (Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc.) would be voting on these proposals.

If the straw poll were an accurate predictor of the primary races, then the GOP ticket would look like this:

  • Schuette/Schuitmaker for Governor/Lieutenant Governor
  • Young for U.S. Senate
  • Grot for Secretary of State
  • Leonard for Attorney General

Of course, the poll of Republican activists at the MRLC can only be so accurate, and a lot can change between now and next August. In the meantime, Republicans should continue to keep their promises and prove that conservatism works. If they do that, a Republican victory will be inevitable in 2018.

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