Kid Rock Admits Senate Run Was a Stunt

Robert Ritchie (aka Kid Rock) poses in this photo from

Celebrity performer Kid Rock admitted that he is not running for Senate to Howard Stern in an interview this morning. He stated that the mock campaign was a good way to attract attention to his new album.

Kid Rock has been teasing a U.S. Senate run since early this summer, launching a website, selling merchandise, and incorporating it into his concerts. Numerous publications and public officials praised his campaign, including former New York Governor George Pataki and Texas Governor Greg Abbott. In July, I wrote a piece criticizing Kid Rock’s campaign and those conservatives who praised it.

I am quite pleased, then, to hear that Kid Rock has stated that he is not actually running for Senate. In his interview with Howard Stern, he said, “[expletive] no, I’m not running for Senate!” The rocker went on to ridicule those who believed the stunt was real. “Who…couldn’t figure that out? I released the new album…I’m going on Tour 2.”

Kid Rock said he and his team decided to use the faux campaign for marketing after some commentators threw his name out as a potential U.S. Senate candidate. Incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow is up for reelection in 2018, and Republicans hope to take her seat.

Following Kid Rock’s announcement this morning, former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Bob Young, Jr., and businessman John James are the only major declared Republican candidates. Congressman Fred Upton and businessman Sandy Pensler are considering running for the seat.

Make sure to keep up with the race to defeat Debbie Stabenow on our page for the 2018 Senate Election.

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