Pence Backs Schuette in Governor Race

Attorney General Bill Schuette and Vice President Mike Pence pose by Air Force Two in Michigan on September 27 (Bill Schuette via Facebook).

Vice President Mike Pence signaled support of Attorney General Bill Schuette’s gubernatorial campaign by way of a campaign donation today. Great America Committee, a political action committee (PAC) run by Pence, is donating $6,800 to Schuette’s campaign, as reported by the Detroit News.

PAC spokesman Marc Lotter told the Detroit News, “As a former Midwest governor, (Pence) understands the type of leadership that is needed” and believes Schuette can help to continue “reviving the Michigan economy.”

Pence’s financial support follows President Trump’s endorsement of Schuette via Twitter in September. Although Schuette backed his friend Jeb Bush in the 2016 Presidential primaries, he supported the Trump-Pence ticket after Trump secured the nomination. He spoke at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and Pence and Schuette appeared at several Michigan events together leading up to the November general election.

Bill Schuette has been Michigan’s Attorney General since 2011. He is term-limited and cannot run for reelection. In September, he announced his candidacy to succeed Governor Rick Snyder, who is also term-limited.

State Senator Patrick Colbeck and Dr. Jim Hines are also running to be the Republican nominee in 2018. Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley is considering a gubernatorial candidacy. Gretchen Whitmer, Abdul El-Sayed, and Shri Thanedar are the Democratic candidates for Governor, with several others on the fence.

Make sure to keep up with the 2018 Michigan gubernatorial race here on the Michigan Conservative.

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