Nessel Plays the Woman Card

Dana Nessel is a Democratic candidate for Michigan Attorney General in 2018, and she wants you to vote for her because she’s a woman. In a campaign video released on November 27, Nessel called for an all-female Democratic ticket in 2018 to prevent sexual assault and harassment. WARNING: Content below may be unsuitable for all readers.

Nessel (D-Detroit) told voters in the video that she will not tolerate sexual harassment in any form. This sounds great, until you realize her conclusion. “Who can you trust most not to show you their [male genitalia] in a professional setting? Is it the candidate who doesn’t have [male genitalia]? I’d say so.” Nessel went on to conjecture, “Can we afford not to [have an all-female ticket]?”

It is a shame that a candidate for attorney general would reduce herself and her opponents to their reproductive organs. Nessel’s video furthers the third-wave feminist notion that all men are evil. Of course this is not true, and of course women are equally capable of abusing power or mishandling their duties. Corruption is a human problem, not a male problem.

The key to preventing misconduct of any kind in officials is to elect people who have a record of integrity and decency. I would encourage voters to examine the records of the candidates for Attorney General in 2018. Nessel faces former federal prosecutor Patrick Miles in the Democratic primary.

I would highly recommend either of the Republican candidates. Speaker of the House Tom Leonard is a former county prosecutor. Senator Tonya Schuitmaker serves as the Vice-Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a former private practice attorney. Both Leonard and Schuitmaker have records of character and commitment to the law, as well as staunch conservative principles. I am also pleased to see that Senator Schuitmaker is running on her record, not her gender.

Both parties will nominate their attorney general at state party conventions next August. The nominees will then face off to succeed term-limited Attorney General Bill Schuette. At the close of Schuette’s term, the Republicans will have held the Department of Attorner General for 16 consecutive years—two terms under Mike Cox and two under Schuette.

Stay up to date with the Attorney General’s race on our Attorney General Election page.

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