Michigan Candidates Earn Major Endorsements

Two Michigan candidates for 2018 picked up big out-of-state endorsements today. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker endorsed Bill Schuette’s bid for Governor, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio endorsed John James in his bid for U.S. Senate. Both Walker and Rubio were Republican presidential candidates in 2016, and their name recognition and experience could help convince Michigan voters to support the candidates.

Scott Walker has been the Governor of Wisconsin since 2011. His success helped him win a recall election over controversial legislation in 2012, and reelection to a full second term in 2014. He endorsed Bill Schuette for Governor as a fellow Midwesterner. In the press release from the Schuette campaign, Walker said, “In the Midwest, we are known as a manufacturing powerhouse, and Bill is going to help continue that going forward. On behalf of all the people who love freedom across this country, I hope you’ll support Bill and really work hard for him between now and next year’s election.”

Bill Schuette is currently the state Attorney General. He is term-limited and is running to succeed Governor Rick Snyder. Scott Walker joins a growing number of Republicans supporting Schuette’s campaign, including President Trump, Vice President Pence, former Governor Engler, and two Congressmen. If endorsements are any indicator of success, Schuette holds a steady lead over state Senator Patrick Colbeck and Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley in the Gubernatorial race.

Marco Rubio has served as Florida’s junior U.S. Senator since 2011. He was reelected in 2016 following a failed presidential candidacy. He has by and large been a strong advocate for conservatism in the Senate, although his controversial Gang of Eight immigration bill left a stain on his record. “[John James] is exactly what we need for our country,” Senator Rubio said in the video announcing his endorsement of James. “We need leaders like this in America. We need leaders like this in the United States Senate.”

John James is a businessman and a former Army Ranger. His story has gained national attention, leading to several interviews on Fox News and now Senator Rubio’s endorsement. Rubio joins two Congressmen in endorsing James’ Senate candidacy—Mike Bishop (MI-08) and Paul Mitchell (MI-10). Former Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bob Young, Jr. has also picked up some noteworthy endorsements, including former Governor Engler and several state legislators. Recently declared candidate Sandy Pensler is far behind in the endorsement race.

Although we are still eight months away from the August 2018 primaries, candidates for Governor and U.S. Senate continue to pick up momentum and endorsements. You can stay up to date with the Gubernatorial race, the Senate race, and the endorsements for Governor and Senate, all on the Michigan Conservative.


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