Bob Young Departs Senate Race

Former Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bob Young, Jr., announced today that he is dropping out of the U.S. Senate race. The decision was reportedly based on the lack of substantial financial support. Young, a Republican, had been running to defeat incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Lansing) in November.

Young said in a press release, “After careful consideration, and heartfelt discussions with my family and closest friends and supporters, I have decided to withdraw my candidacy today for the United States Senate.”

He then called for Republicana to rally around a conservative candidate to unseat Stabenow. “The only way to retire Debbie Stabenow is through the early selection of a consensus conservative candidate, who will remain true to conservative values  and the rule of law, and who can focus the Party’s resources on winning in November.

Young’s departure leaves two major candidates in the Republican Senate primary: businessman and veteran John James, and businessman/investor Sandy Pensler. Although Pensler has enough resources to self-fund his campaign, James has rallied significant grassroots support, as well as national media attention.

The Senate primary will take place on August 7. The Republican nominee will then go on to face Debbie Stabenow on November 6.

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