Gubernatorial Candidates Announce Town Halls

Three Republican candidates for Governor will participate in a series of town halls across the state. This morning, the campaigns of Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley, state Senator Patrick Colbeck, and Dr. Jim Hines announced that they will be appearing together to share their individual ideas and messages for the state of Michigan.

The town hall meetings will give voters the opportunity to ask candidates their positions on the issues. Details concerning event times and locations are yet to be announced.

Attorney General Bill Schuette is the only candidate who has not yet agreed to participate in the town hall series, although he has been invited. The Colbeck campaign commented, “We haven’t heard from [Schuette], but expect that he would want to answer questions from voters across the state.” The campaign also noted that “The door is still open.”

Governor Rick Snyder is term-limited, and cannot run again. The gubernatorial primary will be held on August 7. The winner of the Republican primary will choose a running mate and go on to face the Democratic ticket on November 6.

Stay up to date with the 2018 Michigan Gubernatorial race here.

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