• Snyder Endorses His Right-Hand Man

    On Wednesday, Governor Rick Snyder endorsed Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley in the race to succeed him as governor. Snyder is term-limited, and cannot seek reelection. Making a long-expected move, Snyder announced his official endorsement of Calley’s gubernatorial bid at a press conference.

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  • Bob Young Endorses John James

    Candidate for U.S. Senate John James received another major endorsement today. Former Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bob Young, Jr., who himself ran a brief campaign for the Senate, announced on the Frank Beckmann Show that he is endorsing James’ candidacy. “I am proud to support John James for the U.S. Senate. In politics…”

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  • Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Proves Himself Civically Illiterate

    Abdul El-Sayed proved on Firday that he completely misunderstands the nature of American government when he decided to tweet about money in politics. El-Sayed, former Detroit Health Department Director and candidate for Governor, tweeted out, “More than 90% of Americans want to reduce the role of money in politics. Last time I checked, democracies…”

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  • Endorsing John James for U.S. Senate

    In 2016, Michigan voted for a Republican Presidential candidate for the first time since 1988.  Now, this November, we have the opportunity to elect a Republican U.S. Senator and unseat Debbie Stabenow. After eighteen years of advocating failed left-wing policies in the Senate, it is time to bring Senator Stabenow home from Washington and send her into retirement. To this end…

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  • 2018 Predictions

    As 2018 begins, I would like to make some predictions about the upcoming elections this year. Michigan will be voting on all of its state executive and legislative officials, its U.S. Representatives, and one U.S. Senate seat, in addition to numerous other state and local positions. Anything could happen, but here’s what I think will happen.

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Michigan Candidates Earn Major Endorsements

Two Michigan candidates for 2018 picked up big out-of-state endorsements today. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker endorsed Bill Schuette’s bid for Governor, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio endorsed John James in his bid for U.S. Senate. Both Walker and Rubio were Republican presidential candidates in 2016, and their name recognition and experience could help convince Michigan voters to support the candidates.

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