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Nessel Plays the Woman Card

Dana Nessel is a Democratic candidate for Michigan Attorney General in 2018, and she wants you to vote for her because she’s a woman. In a campaign video released on November 27, Nessel called for an all-female Democratic ticket in 2018 to prevent sexual assault and harassment. WARNING: Content below may be unsuitable for all readers. Nessel (D-Detroit) told voters

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Leonard Announces A.G. Campaign

Michigan Speaker of the House Tom Leonard announced this morning that he is running to be attorney general. Sitting Attorney General Bill Schuette is term-limited and is running for governor. Leonard said, “I am running to be Michigan’s Attorney General to defend the innocent, the vulnerable, the hard-working people of this state, who aren’t looking for special deals or political favors—just their honest shot at living a better life.”

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Mackinac Straw Poll Results

During the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference this weekend, MIRS News and Crain’s Detroit Business took a straw poll of the attendees. The poll included questions about candidate preferences (including undeclared candidates) and various ballot proposals. They released the results on Saturday evening, based on almost 700 respondents.

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