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Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Proves Himself Civically Illiterate

Abdul El-Sayed proved on Firday that he completely misunderstands the nature of American government when he decided to tweet about money in politics. El-Sayed, former Detroit Health Department Director and candidate for Governor, tweeted out, “More than 90% of Americans want to reduce the role of money in politics. Last time I checked, democracies…”

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Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! Today was a day off work for many people across the United States. The holiday was created as a tribute to workers and unions and their accomplishments. Certainly, labor unions have a place in labor negotiations, but the reality is that unions have become corrupt political organizations.

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“On Many Sides”

On Saturday, following the rally and attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, President Trump condemned the “egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence, on many sides.” He was exactly right. I personally think that the President could state even more clearly how evil the racist Alt-Right is, but he is undoubtedly correct that the Alt-Right is not the only group engaged in “hatred, bigotry, and violence.”

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One Year Out: Senate Primary

One year from today, Michigan voters will go to the polls and vote in their respective parties’ primary elections. One notable race on the primary ballot will be the race for U.S. Senate.┬áThe senior U.S. Senator from Michigan, Debbie Stabenow, is up for reelection in 2018, and Republicans hope to unseat her. Here are the candidates:

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