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The Right Path to Transparency

This week, Attorney General Bill Schuette announced a plan to make government more transparent that he would pursue if elected Governor. Meanwhile, U.S. Representative Dan Kildee has introduced a federal bill to withhold funding from states that do not require certain accountability standards. However, there is one major problem with Kildee’s bill.

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2018 Predictions

As 2018 begins, I would like to make some predictions about the upcoming elections this year. Michigan will be voting on all of its state executive and legislative officials, its U.S. Representatives, and one U.S. Senate seat, in addition to numerous other state and local positions. Anything could happen, but here’s what I think will happen.

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Lena Epstein Exits Senate Race

Michigan businesswoman Lena Epstein announced this morning that she is withdrawing from the U.S. Senate race to run for the U.S. House of Representatives. The change comes one week after Congressman Dave Trott (R-Birmingham) announced that he would not be seeking reelection to his 11th District seat. Epstein is a co-owner of Vesco Oil, a family business based in southeast Michigan.

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Elections Don’t Have Consequences

At CPAC 2013, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) stated definitively, “ObamaCare should be repealed root and branch.” Four years later, McConnell is now the Majority Leader, and Donald Trump is the President of the United States. We are seven months into this Congress, and 6 months into Trump’s Presidency. After several failed attempts in both houses of Congress to alter Obama’s signature bill slightly, ObamaCare still stands, root, branch, and even leaf.

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Raising the Right Questions

On Wednesday, President Trump announced the introduction of the RAISE Act. If the Act becomes law, the federal green card system would be reformed to favor applicants who speak English, financially support themselves and their families, and demonstrate skills that contribute to our economy.
I’d like to look closer at each of these stated goals of the bill.

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